The First Estonian Private Cosmetic School started its operations March 17, 1995  

Since March 1996 there is an opportunity to study at school part-time

Since 1998, the school became a member of the International Union of cosmetologists -  Comité International d 'Esthétique et Cosmétologie, the school became known as CIDESCO school. After passing school exams our best students may apply for international CIDESCO diploma 

Since 2000 the school is located at Pärnu mnt 130. Our school continues to invest in the development and expansion of training area to improve the educational process. There are comfortable lounges for  practice with clients

Since 2004, the First Estonian Cosmetic Private School is recognized as professional examination centre

Since 2007, the First Estonian Private Cosmetic School introduced a new specialty – nail’s technician 

Since autumn 2007 the school expanded its new training area, so there is a new specialty – hairdresser

Since 2009, the school is developing a program for professional higher education for cosmetologists

2010 the school opened new practice centres on the first floor of Pärnu mnt 130 and expands its area 

Since 2014, the Estonian First Private Cosmetic School introduced a new specialty - spa specialist








PƤrnu mnt. 130, Tallinn 11313 | tel: 6 555 131 | info Eesti Esimene Erakosmeetikakool on aastast 2004 tunnustatud kutseeksamikeskusena