Frequently Asked Questions

Is this correct that the First Estonian Private Cosmetic School is the first cosmetology school in Estonia?

Yes, the First Estonian Private Cosmetic School is the first school, which has received  the license  on March 17, 1995  from the Ministry of Education  and Science. The school has a respectful and trusting relationships with students, teachers and collaborative partners. School has never been closed and never sold. If you are interested in this issue with more details, you can always make a request to the Ministry of Education and Science .

Where is the First  Estonian Private Cosmetic School located?

Since  2000 - our school is located at Pärnu mnt 130 on the second floor. The school continues to invest in the development and expansion of training area to improve the educational process. Since 2007,our school takes its activities on the whole second floor with total area of ā€‹ā€‹800 m2. From 2010 the school expanded its area and for today we have opened the first floor where the classes for hair dressers take place. The hair dressers' parlor is located on the first floor as well. 

How many teachers work in the First Private Cosmetic School ?

In the beginning of 2015, there are 16 teachers at school, some of the teachers have been working at school  more than 15 years!

What are the most important points to consider when choosing a private school and what  you should  know if you  choose to study in our school ?

The First Estonian Private School is the first cosmetic school that develops and implements new curricula, thereby the First Private Cosmetic School is recognized by different countries and international organizations.

For example,

Since March 1996 evening groups were opened

Since June 1996 the only private institution with a recognized international status as the CIDESCO School

 Since October 2002 were opened russian language speaking groups

Since 2004 School is recognized as professional examination center

Since 2007 the school introduced a new specialty - nail technician, with a special training program

Since 2007 the school started to offer classes for hair-dressers 

28/08/08 -recognized as an economic, financial and tax committee rated by «Krediidiinfo»- most successful company  -28/08/08  as an "excellent"

And in addition to that, all school’s teachers are active, which can be especially noted - is to participate in the Vocational center hairdressers and beauticians and jointly developed a special training program for 2005-2008

Since 2014 the school introduced a new specialty - spa specialist, with a special training program

2015 the school had its 20 year anniversary!


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