Full-time education (Estonian groups and partly Russian groups), beginning  
evening classes (Estonian)
distance learning (Estonian groups) 

Form of study

Training takes place in the daytime and evening form.
Full-time education
       - Study runs 5 times a week , Monday through Friday
       - The duration of the course of 1 year and 6 months

Evening classes
       - Studying 3-5 times a week , Monday through Friday
       - The duration of the course of 2 years and 2 months
         students have two holidays :
       - Summer holidays - 4 weeks duration
       - Winter holiday (December-January) - duration of 1-2 weeks            

Theoretical and practical training usually takes place in the school lounge.            

There are three cycles:

I Semester - theory and practical  training
       - Theory on general and vocational subjects. Courses take place in the form of lectures, composed of independent and group work, which ends with offsets in subjects
       - At the end of the first semester begins acquaintance with practice
II Semester  - practice in the salon
       - Students perform tasks on clients
III Semester - in-depth theory and exam preparation
      - Undergo additional lectures and practice, familiarity with new cosmetic lines, exam preparation, protection degree

Requirements for graduation :

          1. Implementation of the curriculum throughout the volume
          2. Passing all exams
          3. Protect diploma

After graduation and successfully passing the exams, there will be issued the following documents:
          1. Diploma of the school/Diploma of vocational education, the certificate for the profession cosmetologist, (issued on the basis of secondary education)


The Estonian First Private Cosmetic School started from October 2004 as a professional cosmetic examination center. At the end of the school students have the opportunity to pass a qualification examination in the specialty - beautician at successful completion of which the student is issued a professional certificate

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